Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Delware/Otsego County Antiquing.

"Modern Magic", a late 1800s magic trick instruction manual for aspiring illusionists.
Inside page of "Modern Magic". There are so many interesting illustrations. A true find.
Old farm sign and horseshoe found in shack near my parents house.
Patriotic victorian frame with bowed glass and Finnish carving of Native American maiden.
Three vintage pennants.
Pith helmet, vintage gas station sign, and antique kerosene barn lantern.
From the Salvation Army: Two boy's western novels circa 1910, two cheerfully patriotic dish towels, and bullet holding belt made by the George Lawrence Co. George Lawrence partnered with Samuel Sherlock in his Portland, Oregon shop in 1874. Lawrence changed the store name to George C. Lawrence in 1893. The company continued into the 1980's.

I've realized my aesthetic runs somewhere between boy scout, hunting lodge member, catholic priest, funeral parlour director, Victorian librarian, and teepee dweller. I hope I can figure out how to reconcile all of this so my apartment doesn't begin to look like a crazy person's home.

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