Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Childhood Photographs of my Mother.

My Mom showed me her childhood photo album, which is a beautiful green velvet Victorian album complete with exquisite printed pages for the seasons. Like her, her father Raymond, was also a professional photographer.

Baby RaeAnne. The printed bird frames are so wonderful.
Why don't they make things like this anymore?
Little RaeAnne's first car.
Aunt Regina and Mom taking a walk in the woods.
Aunt Regina- ever the proper lady- and little RaeAnne.
That wheel is bigger than Mom!
Aunt Regina and Mom.
That haircut!
Sitting on the stairs.
Bath time.
Mom and one of her cousins.
Gone fishin'.
Uncle Michael looking dapper.
Hunting trip? Uncle Michael and Uncle John.
My mother in her 20s.


  1. your mom is beautiful, m!

    happy new year from the philippines

    <3 pauline

  2. these are great and that album is amazing indeed!