Saturday, August 29, 2009

Staten Island- The Staten Island Museum, Snug Harbor, and the "Ewok Village".

As a life long resident of New York City, but mainly living in Manhattan and Brooklyn, I have often over looked the borough of Staten Island. Sorry guys. But today I made the trip to visit the Staten Island Museum, Snug Harbor, and made a quick stop at the "Ewok Village".

First up was the museum- chock full of interesting maritime memorabilia pertaining to the harbors and nautical history, and tons of taxidermy specimens of the native wildlife.

Next up was Snug Harbor, originally three buildings built as a “haven for aged, decrepit and worn out sailors". It eventually expanded to over 50 buildings and includes a greenhouse and multiple gardens.

The last stop was the "Ewok Village" that someone built near the water right across the street from Snug Harbor. I walked the whole thing, it's really weird. I'm thinking it's a track for dirt biking? It was very sturdy and went on for a good distance. Pretty neat.

I'm already planning an outing for my next adventure in Staten Island to the infamous "Ship Graveyard"...... stay tuned!


  1. yeah, i think that ewok village is actually a spot where dudes meet up, chug Mt. Dew, and ride their Moutain Bikes.