Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spencerian Penmanship.

Once a point of pride, beautiful penmanship is something that has become a forgotten art. I've always been obsessed with lettering, especially ornate and flourished typefaces- I love that a single letter can transcend it's literal translation, and become something of visual beauty and interest. While I have been drawing intricate filigree-heavy script for years, often using it for work or in illustrations, my actual handwriting is less than stellar (you can find both lower case and capital letters in one word when I am writing- terrible). For Christmas, my mother bestowed a wonderful set of Spencerian Penmanship books to me, including a theory book and five copybooks. Thus has begun an obsession with perfect curves, slants, and loops. How can you deny the gorgeous aesthetic?

You too can learn to write beautifully. The books are very reasonably priced, available from 20.99 on Amazon. Click on the link below to view.

You can also learn more about Spencerian Penmanship at, where the photos above are from.

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